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Radar Rubber Fixed RTP Sizing ?


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Tried RTP (alloy base) for the first time yesterday and couldn't get my foot in because of narrow plate and tight loop. Even when wet and with binding lube plus putting it on at the swim platform before getting in, I could barely get my big toe to appear at the front of the loop. No chance getting it in whilst in the water/ kicking in.


Previously I was advised on here that they run loose and to go small, dealer advised that they run tight, go larger.


I wear size 11 US shoe and have a fairly broad foot but not excessively so I went for the largest size XL/XXL.


No markings that I can see on binding to confirm size and no excess rubber available on loop to extend it.


I suspect that the mail order item I received is the smaller M/L size but cannot check.


Anyone use this loop who can comment on the fit and whether it will ease off ?





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They run small. Even Wileys. I have small feet. Size 9. I needed a Wiley Large to get the loop over my arch. The Radar medium loop didn't cover past the ball area of my foot. I think the issue is the Radar RTP has about 1/4 inch foam pad on the base of the plate. If you get just a plate without the foam you will have more room for your foot. You might alternatively rip/scrape the pad off your plate and replace with sandpaper-type stair tread grip.
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