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Down Goes Blue!


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Last night was a memorable experience. Something I hope to repeat many times to come. When I first started skiing the course back in ‘07 I always thought that it would be great and awesome to reach the pinnacle of success in skiing (to me at that time it was 35 off). Well fast forward to last night and my goal was reached. While I didn’t make 35@34mph it was 35@32mph. Now that I have that feeling it is just advancing the speed. I know I’ll get there.


A big thank you goes to my boat drivers (wife and father in law) and a few coaches along the way.


I also want to thank @skijay for the awesome Fin Whispering book which gave me insight regarding fin tuning and @AdamCord for analyzing what I was doing on the Turn Completion thread which gave me the confidence to adjust my fin. He suggested I go more and I thought he was crazy - I went more, thought it could be tweaked a bit and made another adjustment Wednesday night. What marvelous results. The Ski does what I want it to with the attitude I was looking for.


Thanks BOS! Here’s to more buoys than ever thought possible!

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