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Trick reverse position, is it too late for me?


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I'm in my early 40's and have water skied since I was a teenager. Competed in competitions in both slalom, trick and barefoot. Never tried jumping.

Slalom is the most fun as I'm sure most ballers would agree, but there are times when I like to trick on those windy days or when the lake is busy. (Slalom course is un-skiable)

To get to the point, I've never been able to do a reverse positional.

I can do a simple reverse, and can even do a F-B in toe, but the reverse positional seems impossible.

I'm left foot forward.

I've tried for years, but can never get it.

I've never been coached on trick, but it's one move I would like to "get" one day.

Any tips?

Thanks in advance.


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You are never too old to enjoy tricks!


Reverse backwrap is an advanced trick. Its value is only for an increase in speed (until you are working on RW5F or W7BB). It requires some youthful flexibility but I've relearned it in my 60s so it's possible. However it won't quickly add points to your run the way learning a WO or WBB will or the way filling out your toe pass will. I wait to teach the college kids reverse backwrap until they have the 660 point basic run down.


It's still a fun trick so here's how I teach it. Make sure your reverse back to the full back is solid. Practice a few where your hips and lower body really lead the trick. Then do some where you just go all the way around and immediately pop back front - leading with hips and lower body. Now do the same trick but hold on with both hands. You won't hold the position but you can get all the way around. It's OK to look to the back while holding on with both hands. Technically, this is reverse backwrap.


Realistically you want to hold it for WBB, R. So do the same two handed back all the way around and notice how the ski settles in in the back position. Use that delay to twist your upper body towards the boat and lower the handle below your butt as you soften your knees to stick the position.


Unless you are an outrageously flexible kid, you will not be able to ride behind the boat in this position. Find the edge and immediately start cutting to the wake. Or find the edge so you can push off that edge into BB or a quick F. It is a dynamic trick, you have to move! If you are short on rotation you will slip and not cut. Commit to getting the ski all the way around. It's OK if you don't look at the boat - I look off to the side because I'm not flexible enough but I can still keep two hands on the handle to get the speed advantage.


An overturned SS with two hands is not the right way to learn the trick. Make sure you find and feel the edge with the ski all the way around backward!


There is a fun way to actually stick the position and ride along. For LFF, go out the passenger wake and turn the reverse backwrap. Cut out hard in that position until you are very wide on the boat. Definitely you will get the edge! The geometry makes it easy to hold. (Try the regular backwrap on the other side for fun as well.)



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