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Best ski to work out at 32 off


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Any advice on the friendliest ski for an old guy to work out at 32 off, 34 mph.? The high end stuff like HO Pro, VTX, D3 EVO....or Omni or Senate?


It is unlikely I'll ever run 35 off in a tournament, but the best and easiest ski to run 32's would be nice. Should I go to the wide stuff?


Thanks for your thoughts.

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@coach3 that's not really a fair question. Save more money by switching to geiko. Most skiers on the wrong ski will like a different ski better.


Radar makes many skis, so does HO.

Hi syndicate pro would be their top end offering so you'd be looking at radar vapor pro builds and head to head you'd probably notice a different feel. You might love both or try both and like one or maybe try both and prefer a different ski.


I'd call radar and HO and connelly the most common as they're the ones you'd likely find in pro shop marinas. Maybe Obrien not sure where.


Then you have d3 and Goode as major ski brands within tournament skiing but not likely to be a stocked item in a pro shop.


Then you have all your niche skis Denali and KD and MC and raptor and Mapple


In each group you have options as well, so get exploring!

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@coach3 32off 34mph is some pretty good skiing. If you can run it clean most of the time 35off is definitely possible. 32 and 35 are kind of a pair, not that much different. The jump to 38 though... don't limit yourself in your mind before you even tighten the line.


The friendliest ski is the one that works for you. Not a helpful answer but true. Same with settings. The setting that works for your favorite Pro/Big Dog may not work for you, actually probably won't. Only way to know for sure is try them. Its a PITA. Use your bindings and set the ski to stock settings. If your not good setting up skis have someone good (anal) set it for you, like to the thousandth. The ski should feel good and you should feel at home right away. That is the friendliest ski for you. If not, next. All the top skis now are great but different, just which is great for you. Tweaks are to fine tune, not to force a ski to be OK.

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