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Connelly V - Rear-Toe-Plate Hole Spacing

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I recently purchased a Connelly V, which shipped with a front boot and a rear toe plate. However, the hole spacing on the RTP is slightly off from the hole spacing on the ski, making the RTP unmountable without drilling it out. I’ve contacted the retailer (no word back yet), but I’m mainly interested in knowing which item is out of spec.


The rear holes on the ski are 11” on center (from front to back). The hole spacing on the RTP are slightly more than 11-1/16” on center. I’m hoping the RTP is off, but would be kind of surprised if that was the case due to the molding process (but that’s a bit of a tangent). Either way, the ski looks great and I can’t wait to get it out on the water!


Can anyone tell me the actual spacing for these holes?

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Thanks for your feedback @BraceMaker and @Connelly_Skis_Inc. Both the retailer and Connelly support were very helpful. Connelly support confirmed the spacing should be 11” between front & rear holes (so the inserts on the ski are correct).


At some point, I may get a different RTP or boot, so I’m good to go with insert spacing. To make the easy fix, I grinded the RTP hole, and it didn’t take much, makes me wonder if the plastic plate may have expanded after shipping. Either way, the ski is ready to rip!

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@TacticalSpeed I am glad and not surprised that @Connelly_Skis_Inc is on top of it. They definitely standby their products.


Just as a little feedback, I have mounted a lot of the plastic plate RTP’s and have never had a problem as long as you don’t tighten any of the screws before you get screws in all holes. That is generally my method for mounting any boot to a Ski. I have had the same problem (but perhaps more often) with Reflex plates as they are trying to match the insert patterns for all Ski manufacturers.


Anyway, if you have any continued problems or need any additional help, I am happy to help as Connelly athlete and Brand representative!

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