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You can own a piece of priceless waterski memorabilia


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  • Baller

Hey Ballers,


My 2 daughters were recently strolling our beach when they stumbled upon something interesting. It seems to be a waterski tuning dream kit of some sort. Items include: binding screws and washers, screwdrivers, assorted fins and wings, ski tuning spectacles, wing gauges, calipers, pink duct tape, and a logbook. The logbook includes ski setting notes for a Monza circa 2007 to a present KD Platinum.




While I would love to hang onto this collection, items with this historical significance deserve to be shared with the world. So start your bids high! The original owner may send you an IPA or 3 to get it all back...


Hey MS... (Clint Eastwood voice) GET OFF MY LAWN.

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