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Denali 7x testing - 39 and 41 off


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Guys, I am super excited about this ski - it is doing some awesome stuff at 34!


I dont care what the speed is, 41 is hard. I don't know how Nate does it so often. Still a lot to figure out...


Here is a clip with 38 at the start for those interested.




What I am amazed by is how this ski is getting me back in the game after overturning 1/3/5 three times! I felt perfect into 2/4/6 regardless which is crazy. I miss timed the gate a bit and didn't get enough speed on the pullout resulting in lack of speed and excessive load at CL. That launched me off the trough into 1ball. I didn't expect to turn 1 let alone run the pass. I almost managed back to back 41s..but stuffed it at 5 ball on the second one.


Today I moved the fin forward today from .760 to .800 and it got even better! It kept the ski under me more out of 2/4 and settled into the rotation earlier to 1/3/5 and smoothed up the finish of the turn a bit at 39/41.







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