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Zero-Off error


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  • Baller

Hi guys,

I have a problem with my zero-off on my 08' response at the moment.

Few things are going strange. My main speedo fails to read but zero-off does read speed, to fix this I turn zero off on and off again while running the speedo works again. The zero-off fails and returns to trick mode while driving. error codes I have:





Only one of my pucks work as well but thats been the case for a couple years.

Is this a case of bad earths? or something more serious.





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  • Baller
You may want to clean your battery connections, and check the voltage on the battery as a first step. Erratic voltage or bad ground (earths?) can cause crazy stuff. If that doesn;t work, you may want to pull connectors off of the back of the units and reseat them.
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