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I have asked before and still do not understand. My ranking average is tweaked by Rule 1.13. I thought that since my two best scores were in Class L events, Rule 1.13 would kick in but I am pretty sure that there is more to it.


A week or so after I got my last good score on a Class L, I looked at the list and Rule 1.13 was not in play but now it is.


Can someone give me the simple english explanation. Do not quote the rule. I have read it and still do not get it.


@skimom feel free to post....

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Plain English .... looks right to me.


Three way to calculate the score and the best is posted. Using your scores, the top 3 are class E or better.


1- best one score plus penalty - 104 x 5% penalty = 98.8


2 - best two scores - 104 & 104 both class E or above so no penalty. Average = 104.


3 - best three scores no penalty - 104, 104, 101. Average = 103.


Ranking list says 104 which is the highest of the three. What’s the problem?

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@Horton I edited the initial reply. Your “third score” average is actually 103 since the you had scores of 104, 104 and 101 (fourth score down the list). The 102.5 in your case doesn’t appt since one of your higher scores is from the same tournament.
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