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Goodman's upsized tricks


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Just in case anyone was curious about our upsized trick...here's a pic. 52" in blue shown.

Features include:

Hard edge honeycomb core prepreg lay up built to withstand the pressures of big guys flipping.

Innovative variable top edge bevels help with tracking while letting your tips slice through the wakes when spinning.

Totally new rocker keeps you centered and stable, balancing great pop off wake with quick transitions.

Back plate that rotates and shifts to accommodate foot size and width of stance.

Sizes available from 42-54" to dial any skier into that boat wake sweet spot.


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  • Baller

My experience with Goodman was email and phone and this is probably a good time to reach out to him as business slows down. I bought my son jumpers for Christmas and Ron delivered them on time.


Those tricks look very interesting for those of us not planning to flip.

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