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Over 35 worlds 2018


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Any one else see this, or know if this is official.


International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation

2018 Official Calendar


World Titles World Cup Elite Multi Sport Games

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Generated 2017-09-27 07:12


Aug 2-5 2018 IWWF World Junior Waterski Championships Tournament Seseña, Toledo Spain

Aug 12-18 2018 IWWF World Barefoot Waterski Championships (Open, Junior, Senior) Barefoot Napanee, Ontario Canada

Sep 7-9 2018 IWWF World Waterski Show Tournament Tournament Muskoka Canada

Nov 12-18 PanAm Waterski Championships Tournament Los Morros, Santiago Chile

Nov 26 - Dec 2 2018 IWWF World Over 35 Waterski Championships Tournament San Bernardo Chile


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