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2016 Malibu Response TXi - For Sale


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  • Baller

2016 Malibu Response TXi


See posting on SIA


Single Axle Trailer w/ surge brakes

PCM Monsoon 350HP 5.7L CAT

Acme 525 Prop


Zero Off

Walkthru Jump Seat

PTM Edge Mirror

Pylon Cupholders

Pull Up Cleats


Contact Keith at 313.999.9938 or keith.krauter@sbcglobal.net










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@LakeOneSkier - Really liked that particular boat, but looking for 2014-2016 TXI. I would like to see more pics and learn more if his boat is available. There were several ‘12-‘16 TXI’s listed in the fall, but not many new listings since September. What state is the boat in?
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  • Baller_

@CHodge, I believe that @MJE has sold that boat. That is their club boat from a couple of years ago and they have had two others since that one. It was in Michigan. Maybe he will respond here with the latest status.


And, I agree, that is a great looking boat. The 2015 and 2016 TXi were good skiing and driving boats, too.

The worst slalom equipment I own is between my ears.

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