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ski recommendation?


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If you like the D3 feel, maybe give D3 a call and talk to them about recommendations for you. They have a great demo program, and since the X7 has treated you well, wouldn't hurt to check it out. I personally love my D3 ARC. But I don't think I am qualified to recommend a specific ski for you to try. Paul and/or Kari over at D3 would be glad to help though.
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Since you are used to D3, try one of their new skis!

You can demo the ARC (I would recommend the softer flex aka ARC-S) and the new NRG. It has a little bit wider tail than the ARC.

D3 offers the best demo program on the market! Let them ship both skis to you and if you like one of them, keep it. Otherwise just re-pack them, put the return label on the box and have fedex pick them up at your door.


I switched from a X7 to the ARC-S last year and instantly liked it!

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