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Star Gazer Jump Settings (98 CC)


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I picked up a 98 CC this past winter that already had Star Gazer installed. For slalom it was pretty well dialed in, just had to calibrate the baselines again and it was great. I calibrated the jump baselines as well. I have been trying to get back into jumping and myself and the driver feel like the switch is acting a little funny. Possibly coming on late and/or shutting off early. I understand much of this is controlled by the x8d and x8u settings. Being that I haven't jumped much in about 8 years and I am the only jumper on my lake, we are having a hard time figuring out these settings. I tested the switch and it is functioning properly. I'm currently jumping about 90ft with a single wake cut, 5ft, 35mph. Working my way back to 3/4 cuts.


Does anybody have an idea on starting points for the x8d and x8u settings for a 98 CC with PCM GT40?


The closest guidance I could find was for 05 promo boats, PP recommended x8u=85 and x8d=250, for 5.7l boats.


Are there any other settings (besides RTB/fast second segment and letter) that may alter how the switch acts when jumping less than 120ft?

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