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Minimum Jump


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Ramp could be as low as 4' 10" high, with the length out of the water at 21' minimum.

However, Rule 9.16C4 says flatter/lower ramps can be used at the option of the sponsor


Skiers can request a lower ramp. See Rule 2.06D. Normally see this for Division 7

and above, especially M9 and above, plus W8 and above. Seen that, even at Nationals.


Many ramps only can go so low, and 5' might be the limit for some.

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In WSDA (Disabled) competition, the ramp should go down to 1.25m (about 4' 1"). At one

time, that was 1.00m. Sites that hold WSDA events may have ramps that go low. Grew

Lake is one of those sites. With a Bemman ramp that has some special capabilities.

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