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Ski suggestion for particular tricks


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I would think the Gravitron would be fine for tricks. My son rides a D3CX for toes without any problem. I have a rubber edged D3XT because I wanted a 45" ski and it works fine for basic toes. Neither one of us has much more than TB, TF, TWB/F, TSS and R so we are not the greatest trickers.


I have seen plenty of high end skiers on hard edge skis for toes.

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The smoothest toe skis I've ridden were the Quantum, the D3 standard hardedge and the Goode. All seemed better in longer lengths. The D3 is the most common among tournament skiers.


Your Gravitron is OK but I've taken some really fast edge catch falls on it. With a good release person you should be fine. Lots of college kids are improving well on that ski.


Quality water time is more important than the ski.



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