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D3 ARC and ARC-S unboxing


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I'm more than a little surprised this ski is as good as it is considering it's not a revision of of an existing model. I've been on the ARC for 4 weeks and am skiing better than ever with tournament scores better than all of last year already. What's more reassuring is that I'm hearing similar stories from others.


Just started on the ARC S this week to gauge the difference.


D3 will sell many of these ski's.


If in South Florida and you want to try one, let me know as I have several demo models available.


@Horton - KD skis...nice blooper.

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@Lorien, I've been on the ARC S ever since switching to it. I did go back a try the same length Yellow ARC and the only real difference I felt was that the ARC S finished the turn a little smoother. I attribute this to the fact that I'm on a 67" ski at 165 lbs. If I were 10-15 lbs heavier, I think I would prefer the yellow ARC.


With that said, there seems to be a lot more skiers on the blue vs the yellow for whatever reason.


Hope this helps.

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