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Hot water shower on pcm

Greg Lukin

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Heatercraft sold a kit for this type of application.  It is a heat exchanger that goes before your actual boat's heat exchanger so the hot antifreeze off the engine passes through that which pulls the heat off for the shower water and then continues on to the boat's factory heat exchanger.  RV/Camping type sites still sell them https://www.glindhotshower.com/products/p/glind-hot-shower-kit there's been a bit of a Carbon Monoxide backlash against the shower kits for boats guess standing there on the transom running an engine isn't great for people.

Anyway you install the new heat exchanger inline before the factory one you pull the hot antifreeze through it, then discharge it to the factory unit.  The water then in this comes out hotter than any of the raw water showers ever were. A pump then pulls water through a mixing valve that gets cold water from before the heat exchanger and hot water from after.  When the shower isn't in use the antifreeze arrives to the factory unit as per usual and when you start pulling water off it arrives cooler than usual.


But you really cannot just pull the hot water off after the factory heat exchanger before the exhausts that water is typically going to be a bit tepid for a shower because of the flow.  The shower heat exchangers get the water through them far hotter because they don't flow as much water.

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