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Same question - different old guy asking - what size ski


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I am a former tour skier back in the 80-90s. Went to Nationals couple times.


I have taken a couple years off, now would like to give the course another shot before I get too old.


I am 55 years old, 6ft, 220 pounds (but dropping)


I am looking at Radar Senate Graphite.


Not sure what size of ski to get. 71 would be to big, 67 might be to small.


69 seems kinda big also.


I would hope to get back to 28off at 34mph. Would a 69 senate be to big?.


Thanks for you help.

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  • Baller

Not too old, perfect time to get back in. Look at the scores for Men 5, 6 and 7 (that's to 74 so 14 more years just there). A lot of guys skiing really well in those groups (unfortunately the numbers dwindle in 8+ but still fine skiing there)


Anyhow I'm on a 68 Vapor at 215 summer weight (220 now) so at the top of its weight range. Ski's very well doesn't seem to small. The Senate 69 has recommended max of 220 so unless you plan to drop 30 lbs crazy quick that's what I think you should go for. You would be way over for the 67. The Vapor/Senate are flowy skis so too small and sticking/stopping is counter productive. At full size they still will crank wicked turns when necessary.

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