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2016 - the year I demo some skis... which ones?


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I am planning on buying a new ski this spring and am hoping for a bit of help. I realize there are a few similar threads on this topic, but everyone's circumstances are a bit different.


First, let me come clean about one thing: When I have purchased skis in the past, I have never demoed before buying. So this is going to be a big development.


Some background:


I have water skied my entire life. The majority of this has been open water, with bad habits, and without coaching.

I started skiing in the course and getting some coaching in the summer of 2014. This was going well until I tightened the top bungee on my Strada bindings too tightly, crashed, and broke my ankle. Season over.

I made some good progress last summer (I think). I got regular coaching, including a couple of days with @brooks. By the end of the summer I was consistently running -15 at 30mph.

My current ski is a D3 Z7. Still have the Strada bindings and intend to keep them.


A few other things:


I recognize the value of coaching, so the purchase of this ski (no matter what the cost) won't impact my ability or plans to continue with coaching this summer.

I would just as soon buy a ski that is going to last for a while as I develop. As a goal, I'd like to eventually get to the point of skiing at 34mph and shortening the rope (obviously).

I live in Alberta, Canada, and brands that are easily available to me are: Radar, Connelly, HO, and D3.



I am relatively fit (~1:28:00 half marathon, medals at Canadian Cross Country Skiing Championships this winter) and hope that with practice and work there is lots of room to improve.

I am 34 years old.

I am 5'10 inches, 130lbs. My current ski is a 66.



I think that's everything. Ideally, I would like to keep the demo within reason and to just a few skis. Is two or three reasonable? Four?


I am looking forward to your suggestions. If any other details are required, just let me know!


Thanks so much!

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What I would do is demo every ski you can. Have you seen the new HO demo deal? Genius. D3 and Goode do something similar. If you go to Orlando I am pretty sure @perfski will loan you skis for a day or 3. If you go see Brooks you must ride a Vapor.


Find a ski that you love because it FEELS good. Block out the hype and sales men. Buy the ski that you ski best on. If possible do not ride the demo skis with skiers who are brand loyal. Don't let someone sway you.


Now here is the hard part.... when you find the ski that you love buy THAT ski. What I mean is if it is a demo ski you want that exact ski and not a new one back at the shop. You love that ski and you should not let it out of your sight even if someone rode it before you.

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Couple things:


- I'm for sure willing to try any brand. But due to geography, those ones I had listed are easiest.


- In some ways, more curious as to specific skis within those brands that might be ideal.


- @brooks isn't my day-to-day coach, although I'd love to get a few more days in with him this summer.


Thanks for the input so far!

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Considering your current level and your skiing goals, I would just stick with the Z7. Unless you have money burning a hole in your pocket, the Z7 is a great performing yet extremely forgiving ski. Spend the extra money on consistent coaching.


Also, spending the summer jumping around a number of demo skis seems like a bad idea. I would venture that with consistent skiing and occasional coaching, you could probably be running that 34mph pass in no time on the Z7. Then reward yourself with a '16 model ski next year at half the price...

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