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Science Confirms That People Like MS and SkiDawg Are Psychopaths


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  • Baller_

Just because skidawg and ms are psychopaths and they like IPAs does NOT mean normal people who happen to like good beer are psychopaths.


@horton I think half of this quote applies to you: "Sure, my preference of a cold Budweiser may show that I’m a cheap frat boy, but at least people like me." You can figure out which half.


Fun story anyway B)

If it was easy, they would call it Wakeboarding

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  • Baller

IPAs might be a bit of a fad. The well stocked bar has a selection of nice ales, porters and stouts to compliment the IPAs that poser beer snobs choose. There are several excellent IPAs but there are also a few that aren't as good as a Steelie. Drink what tastes good to you.



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