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2014 D3 Helix.


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I am in desperate need of a new stick. not only is it beat up with tons of sets , I think it's a size too small for me as I am grown a little bit outwards ! currently have a 2012 D3X 765 inch. I'm 5'8 165 lbs. 34mph into 28. Will be skiing quite a bit more than usual this summer so hoping to get into deep 32.


can't stomach the prices of a new ski saw listed on sIA d3 helix. pretty sure demoing is out , if I don't like it I can always list back up.


this ski be a good fit ? is the new one that much better would I be doing myself a disservice?

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  • Baller _

Both the Helix and the H2 were and are popular, solid skis. A famous if former D3 skier whose name sounds like "Seth" told me that if you liked the Helix you'll love the H2, but not necessarily the other way around. I only skied one set on the Helix and ran 35 on foreign bindings, so I guess I liked it just fine. I have not skied the H2.


As a general rule, you should ski on the longest ski you can turn. If you are on the cusp between sizes, especially at 34, I'd go longer. You are probably a 66 or 67.


H2OProShop.com has a try it before you buy it program if you are purchasing a new ski. Shoot Darrin an email and he'll help you right out.


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