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"Spray it Forward" New Years Eve Charity Ball


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' Where will it be? ' i'm glad you asked that. i looked at that poster as closely as i could trying to figure out the same thing. in this flashy world of digital design it looks like someone has forgotten the single most important principle about any effective advertising campaign - always make it easy for the viewer to determine who what when where and why. simply putting contact info requires the viewer to make some additional effort to find the answers to those questions and that means a good percentage will pass on by without giving it another thought. very flashy artwork but not very effective advertising.
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I live about 15 minutes from Jodi's and would definitely attend but for the fact that I just arrived in the decidedly un-snowiy Adirondack Mountains of northern NY for the holidays. In fact, it is so warm that birds that should have migrated south are still here buzzing the back yard.


Spray It Forward is a very worth while cause, trying to get ski gear from our closets, boathouses and garages to collegiate ski teams desperately in need. Having two children that skied in college, I have a real soft spot for this charity.


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