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Upgrade for mobile devices - BallOfSpray - need feedback for Apple - THIRD TRY


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OMG am I wasting a crap load of time on this problem just for you Apple fan boys


iPhone and iPad users - Please look at the forum ( http://www.wallofspray.com/vanilla ) and tell me how it looks. I can see the Android version and am pretty happy with the forum.


It should look like this... I am aware that there are two banners. I will fix that later.




The mobile experience SHOULD be clean and tidy. Please let me know


The desk top site is not put together at all.


NOTE - I know there are issues with the forum not always refreshing they way you want. I know I know that is next after I finish the total rebuild.

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@Horton can you bring back the arrow that is on ballerlabs to jump to the top of the page? That is a good button. It would be even better to have one at the top of a long discussion to jump to the bottom.


I know the forum remembers the last post I read and takes me to the next unread posts. But in a long thread that is several pages, if you're looking at page 4 and you want to see the last post on page 3. When you hit back to 3 it is at the top. Then it's a pain in the @$$ to scroll down 20 long post just to see the last one. In the process two or three "dislikes" accidentally get clicked.


I figured it can't hurt to ask.

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@Horton I thought of a one click solution.


For example; say that thager's post is post # 100 in this thread (at the top of page 5). I want to quickly jump back to post # 99 (at the bottom of page 4) to see what OTF said.


Can you make the # 4 button (page 4 button) go to the bottom of page 4? Currently in goes to the top.




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