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AWSA Judges and Scorers needing one more tournament or clinic to stay current


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  • Baller

Attention Judges who still need credit for a clinic and/or a tournament by the end of this year. There are two avenues for receiving credit:

1. Go-to-Meeting-5 December hosted by Bob Harris, rbtharris@yahoo.com, Cost $10.00 to AWSA.

2. On-Line Clinic- New procedure allows you to go directly to the below links, enter a unique user name and password and take the appropriate modules. These are not tests; there is no minimum grade!










For questions, contact Floyd McCreight, famsailawy@aol.com, Cost $10.00 to AWSA.


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  • Baller

I think this is good news. The organization is moving forward and making easier to keep your ratings. I sent an email asking for a similar option for drivers.


There are phone numbers for Floyd and Bob but I removed them so they wouldn't get spammed.

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