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new ski for relative beginner


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After being a wakeboarder for the past 10 years a couple of month ago I jumped back on the Slalom. I had only ever done it a few times before hand and never owned my own ski.


I have been using a mates HO freeride which i must admit have been loving the easy starts.


The wife is always struggling to find me something for xmas so has said she will buy me a ski.


So i have been looking, I'm not that keen on getting the freeride as i think i will progress past it fairly quickly so been tossing up between a HO TX and radar senate alloy.


Just hoping someone out there might be able to help out with the discussion.




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I haven't tried either of those skis. A Connelly Carbon V, the (non carbon) V, or the Aspect might be just the ski for you though. H2OProShop.com probably has them discounted for Christmas. Shoot Darren an email or give him a call. He'll help you right out.


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