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ski size and type?


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Hey... this is my first post so go easy... I'm looking for some advice... HO CX or syndicate, or Radar Lithium Theory? And 67 or 68?


I hover between 188 and 195lbs, I don't really ski course but would like to get into it more. The boat I primarily use doesn't hit 34mph with a skier, usually around 32mph. I currently have an HO Triumph and want to get something more advanced that I can really get good on. I've been slalom skiing for 17years, wouldn't call myself amazing but decent. I ski between 15 and 30times/year.


Also, does the "superlite" CX make a big difference?




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at 32 mph a HO Syndicate ski may not be the best choice (but not a bad choice). I am a fan of the Superlite skis. Think of it as extra special sauce. The CX is a very good shape. CX Superlite would be a great ski for you.


Lithium is a construction not a model (shape). Both the Radar Vapor and Radar Senate come in Lithium construction. Is it better? Yes. Currently my preference for your level of skiing is the bone stock basic Senate. @eddie_roberts_jr thinks I am wrong and that I need to ride the Lithium Senate again. I will do so in the spring.

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Hey Horton,


Thanks for the insight! I meant the radar vapor lithium haha.


The CX is what I originally wanted but wanted to dabble in the Syndicate, I thought since I have a Triumph I'd go all the way with my other ski.


Our current boat is only a 90hp but I ski behind buddy's boats often and am planning to get something better this year. Does that change the suggestion?


Thanks again I appreciate the help!

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