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Quantum Trick Ski


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  • Baller

I wanted to thank Bob at Masterline for the excellent customer service. The ski looks awesome. Now I will have to get cold in order to try it out.

@eleeski this is your fault. One coaching session with you led to this.

I still want a T3 but this will have to hold me over.


Anyone else getting a new ski for winter?









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  • Baller

@art90notch just had this pretty thing shipped to my house. As soon as he offloads an S2 it will probably be acceptable to his wife to show up at his place. http://forum.ballofspray.com/discussion/14625/2013-ho-syndicate-s2-for-sale#latest It's supposed to get up to 70 today. Water temp is not gonna be anywhere close to that. I know he's dying to get on that ski. He wanted it before we ever got him on a slalom ski at all.




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