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G3 SLALOM what it takes to qual for Nationals?


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So with Nationals so close to us next summer just wondering if anyone knows about what average score my daughter will need to qualify as a G3 for Nationals? She will be 17 next month doesnt ski a lot with mtn bike racing in the picture now. Definetly didnt ski enough tournaments last summer but we plan on stepping it up come spring time.

Her ave is 55.34 which puts her second skier from the top in level 5. She is working on figuring out how to get through 15 off at 34 mph.


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It looks like 2@28 off did it last year. Top 5 in slalom at regionals will get her as will top 5 in overall. Only 6 skiers have rankings in the Western region in overall right now. Jump would probably be the easiest way in even if she has never jumped it looks like 46 feet would get her in and I think she could get there pretty quickly.
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