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size of jumpers

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There has been another thread about this recently I will try to find it.


How are you jumping right now in terms of distance. I would say something in the 78 to 82 inch range would be right for you right now. I bought a set for my son a few years from Ron Goodman when he was 13 but about your height and heavier. He was jumping about 60 feet at the time and Ron recommended 84s and they have been great for him.


Jumpers in this size are very hard to find used.


For bindings buy Wileys there is really no other option.

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I'm about your size and have only been jumping for about a year and a half. I first started on 72'' skis to learn how to ride over the ramp. They worked incredibly well for me as a beginner. When I started jumping about 50ish, I switched over to 80'' Goodman jumpers. The larger surface area of the skis (once you know how to stick the ride overs) helps you to start single cutting and pull out those landings.
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