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Watch ABC News tonight to hear Freddy Krueger talk about jumping 312


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I'll watch the ABC news. Hopefully, it is a sort of slow day, with no earth-shaking events that

are happening otherwise.

The 312' from yesterday is apparently an official record. Today, on his first try, Freddy went

304'. He got a 2nd try, maybe because the wakeboard finished early. But, apparently shorter,

and he lost it on the landing.

The Guinness guy came by with an official plaque for the 312'. Note, per IWWF 18.08, skifly

records can be certified onsite by the Homologator and Chief Judge.

Maybe we'll now see a Ski Fly revival, but done the right way this time?

I can't remember when/if water skiing has been featured live on network TV.

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Freddy was shown in the Network News opening teaser. Lead story: Donald Trump, then the

typhoon in Taiwan. Then a grizzly bear attack, toxic mine sludge, Legionnaires' disease, a police shooting, airline fees, art theft, a home invasion, changes at Target, Obama golfing, some kid.

Final story was about 2 minutes spent on Freddy.

I cannot remember water skiing being featured on the Network news...EVER. Maybe someone

else has a better memory. This is a milestone for the sport.


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