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D3 H2 number discrepancy


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Hey guys,


Just got a new 66" H2 but unsure on the stock numbers, the spec sheet that came with the ski has the following number:




0.740-0.750 flat



The website has these numbers:






My ski came with:





Anybody no what I should run with?




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I'd start with the website's numbers. The only measurement that doesn't fit in the range of the spec sheet is length.


It also says that factory setup will be within .010 of recommended settings.


Go with 6.910, 2.505, .740, 29.5 then fine tune from there.


My experience with D3 is that the factory settings are within 5 thousandths every direction of what I end up with.

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I like giving people a range because not everyone runs the same bindings or skis the same. If you want your ski dialed I think you should experiment within a recommended range. The factory range on the spec sheet covers where most people ride a 66" H2. The website numbers are a good place to start (as @webbdawg99 suggests). I like starting on the lower end of the length range like 6.910 and add as needed from there. If you need help with making the adjustments, get your nearest expert or coach to give you a hand.


Also, I always start with a fin setting and move my boots until I think they are right. Then go to the fin as needed. After some fin tweaks I sometimes go back to micro adjust the boots. Just how I do it.

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Hi, I got these numbers from D3 after e-mailing them with the exact same question:

I'm on a 67" and skiing 34 mph (so 65" will be different) !!



.755 (flat)

wing @7

Binding 29 5/8







Binding 30)


The setup I got from D-3 (email) made the ski too lively and the turns to narrow for my taste - so I adjusted the fin down (deeper) on both screws (½ turn) which made the off side turn more smooth for me, I also ski with the wing @8 (I'm skiing in cold fast water)


I'm not finished dialing the ski in - just got an injury and off the water 14 days.


What I have heard/read is; slightly back with the bindings, slightly more wing and move the fin .1-.2 forward (on the 67")


enjoy - and please post your experiences


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