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Brian Detrick Clinic 4/11/15


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I just wanted to give a shout out to Brian Detrick, of thanks and appreciation for a tremendously successful coaching clinic this past Saturday at Hilltop Lake, Arlington WA. Brian came up to spend some time at the HO Factory on Friday, and then shot up north to spend Saturday coaching many of the Hilltop Members. First, I have to speak to Brian being tremendously "professional" with how he conducted himself as well as how he coached. Having had the opportunity to be a part of many different coaching clinics, Brian was the first that I have noted to be taking copious notes in the boat with each skier, following up after each set with the skier on what tips were being noted during the set. Before the second set of each skier, Brian again reminded each skier of what specifically was being worked on during that first set, and after the second set, would write each of his "coaching points" to each skier on a form for the skier to take with them. Again, I cannot speak more highly of how his concern came across for each specific skier, and their specific points of interest at their specific skier-level. Being the driver for the majority of the day, I was impressed at his ability to coach any/all levels of athlete out there, from -15 and up to deep shortline.


I had the great opportunity to have Brian stay at our home with my family Friday and Saturday nights, and he is a true gentleman and respectful individual, including being around my 8 year old and 6 year old kids...of which he proved to be a great role model for them! I was truly impressed with his concern with the sport in general, and his unique position as a professional skier to promote the sport as a "whole." He is actively pursuing all avenues to promote slalom, trying to bring it back in front of the general public through TV coverage of events/tournaments, and educating the public on the physics of the sport to have people appreciate all that goes into the athleticism of the sport. We spent many hours talking about his "take" on what needs to happen for this sport to continue to build. Brian is wise beyond his years in so many ways, and takes his responsibility as a "Pro" to a new level.


If anyone is interested in bringing in coaching to their site, I would highly recommend Brian without reservation or pause. You will not be disappointed!

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@ToddA Thank you for the shout out, I appreciate the kind words and thank you for organizing the clinic. I enjoyed my time in Washington coaching the clinic at Hilltop and spending a day at the HO Factory. I look forward to coming back later in the summer for the Hilltop Record! Thanks again!

@bogboy Keep up the skiing. Congrats again on your pb!

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