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Magic Numbers for Nano One


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i just recently upgraded from a 9800 to a Nano One, haven't made the maiden voyage yet, was wondering from those that have skied it, if you stayed at stock or ended up shallowing up the fin in a diagonal or vertical move. Hearing from some that they had to shallow up the fin to get it to turn. Seeking to circumvent some of the R&D & cut to the chase. What were your magic fin #'s ? I posted the stock #'s as a reference. Thank you



Binding placement: 28.75″ (+- 1/8) from the tail of the ski to the rear of the front boot.

Fin: .705″, 2.491″, 6.770″

Wing: 9.5 degrees (+- ½ degrees – The NANO ONE is wing sensitive. Try different settings)

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