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Goode powershell boot

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Hey, just wonderin if the goode powershell toe slip boot is safe or not, and whether it's good to ski with. Im only young and I've got a reflex whte cuff, Im nearly making 22off 34 mph. Is it that much of a change in between my binding and the powershell in performance wise and protection. I am not actually looking for a new binding, i've only been suggested.


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Reflex good ! Dual lock bad!


I like Dave Goode and think him very innovative. I was in Powershells starting way back with the 9500. He invented Powershells to work with his skis before they had threaded inserts. Dual lock was the only way to go. Now his skis have inserts. I love my Nano One with Reflex front and R-style rear.

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