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HO Freeride & Radar Satori Comparisons Help?

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I've narrowed down my ski choices to two skis.....71" HO Freeride & Radar Satori. Has anyone skied them both? I'd love to hear your thoughts about how they ski.


My boat (tritoon with 150 4-stroke) only goes 22-26 mph but maybe a little faster with a different prop.


I'm 6'4" and 245 lbs (but planning to get down 210-220). I'm an intermediate skiier looking to have fun and get some decent performance on cutting without killing my back and arms with low boat speeds?


By the way.....thank you for your help so far on this forum with helping me narrow down my choices.


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no offense @bogboy but having a pretty good understanding of the Freeride design, I'd say the opposite.


satori is a great ski....but its a fairly simple design. Pretty simple bevel design.


The Freeride was designed to do what no other ski does: create more lift with less surface area. No bevels or sidewall, tip and tail, allows Freeride to create more lift, reduce drag, and yet still retain hi-performance characteristics. There's nothing that I've ridden to date that does anything close to this.


At 245, on a 71" Freeride, you will be able to ride at speeds approaching 21-22 mph without sinking.


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@MarcusBrown, no offense taken. That's great to know, and the freeride sounds like an awesome design. I like my '12' triumph very much (wife has the ('13'), and I just returned from the course, completing 7 28, -15's, and 4 30, -15's. Thanks for the info. Hope to meet you again sometime.
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@MarcusBrown‌, not to hog your time, but can you please comment on the tx sl (please see my below post), regarding a skier at my level, wanting to improve as much as I can? I know I should demo one. Thank you.
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