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4 reasons why I love In Tow ropes


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1) Brenda made the rope only with the loops I need (32, 35, 36.5, 38, 39)

2) the knotless design is easy to use

3) the overall quality is great

4) the rope is especially easy to remove from the prop and shaft after @ripa38‌ runs it over and destroys it

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Not having all the loops is a great way to keep people from using your towline. Back when,

several of the pro skiers had personal lines that typically started at 28 off.


A knotless line should have less initial stretch before it settles down to final dimensions.

Wonder if people have measured and confirmed that.


Presumably, this type of In-Tow line has the pull-out loops. Surprising that someone didn't

think of that design modification until relatively recently.


Something to check on all lines is whether the ends of the splices are cut square or at an

angle. The latter makes for longer life. I first found that out back in the late 1960's when

testing line samples to failure on an "Instron" testing machine.


One signal that a towline is getting old and ready for replacement, other than chafing at

the loops, is when the furry ends of the splices start to stick out. You can gain some extra

towline life by trimming that fur back so it doesn't stick out. That will lengthen the

towline, but only a small amount.

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Just got my new In-Tow handle with the head guard, kids loved it. Brenda had knotless ropes way before others. Changing loops is so much easier than the twine we got at Nationals that did not last 1/2 season. Overall quality is really noticed when you compare side by side. I wish more tournies would use them so you could see the colors more defined. I have seen tenders forget to change, with better visual tenders, skiers, drivers and spectatures could see line length.
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