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Eastern WA & Northern Idaho - INT Events this summer


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Morning All - My brother and I are hosting 3 INT events over the coming months in the Eastern WA/Northern ID area. This is our inaugural season. Events are as follows:


July 12-13; Hauser Lake, Idaho - Slalom and Wake both days

August 2-3; Sun Basin, Moses Lake, WA - Co-hosted with the WA INT League - 3 rounds of Slalom

August 9-10; Long Lake, Lake Spokane Campground, WA - Slalom and Wake both days


You can PM me, ask in this forum topic, or visit www.intleague.com/idaho for additional information.


Hope to see our local area ballers out there - we think there is a great opportunity to build participation in our sport.






PS Thanks to Horton for allowing me to post this up.

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