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Brooke Baldwin featured in Sports Illustrated


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In 1960, when Penny Baker (leftie jumper) got the record at 150 feet, they published

a Faces note and picture of him. However, they got their pictures mixed up, and the

picture was of a girl! Some question if the math on the 150 worked out right, but later

on, he went 150 again, at a Masters tournament, I believe.


He skied out of region in 1965 at the Eastern Regionals, and perhaps set a record for

time on the water. Back then, you had 3 jumps, 2 passes, and a fall out of course. He

took all of them. Fell on his countercut, and ended up in the weeds. On one pass,

when he let go, the handle dropped over the 45 foot buoy and ripped it out, sending it

for at least 80 feet. Good long delay there.


That event in Reading, PA ran well into the twilight and dark, but that is another story.

It was a seeded event, so the top Eastern jumper got hosed. Later on, the East voted

to not seed events.

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