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Masterline Robbins Trick Relese question.


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I apologize if this sounds like a newbie, but we recently upgraded from a 1990 Mastercraft to 2012 Malibu Response. We had a bent pin trick release on our Mastercraft that wouldn't transfer over to the Malibu, and decided to purchase a Robbins release base on information from this site as well as others. My question comes from how to properly load the release. My first assumption would be take the loop down thru the top hole and hook it to the release lever. This seems to work, but because of the small hole diameter, it makes me question if this is correct. What I mean by this is that I am only able to put the end loop through the top hole. neither the knots or end float can fit, nor do I believe it would release. There were no instructions with release, so I assume it is something simple that I am over thinking.


Thanks for any guidance anyone can offer.

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