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Fun at RADAR Lake


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Just a quick "Thank You" to Eddie Roberts, Brooks Wilson, and Nick for a great day at RADAR Lake yesterday.


RADAR hosted a clinic conducted by Eddie and Brooks for a few of us locals. Originally there were going to be 7 - 8 people. However, thanks to the Northwest weather, the rest of the invitees canceled and there were only three of us to enjoy Brooks' coaching tips. So, in between some incredible downpours, and equally incredible sunbreaks, we were able to try any RADAR equipment that we wanted to experience (Vapor Lithiums were the unanimous choice of ski). In addition, we were able to ski behind a Centurion Carbon Pro that was on loan from Mark Lord of Seattle Watersports.


One of my more memorable moments of Eddie was watching him drive the boat back to the dock during one of the torrential downpours - with water running off his head and glasses - and he was still smiling!


The other was of Brooks asking me after my very first pass "So, what are your thoughts on how you are approaching the gates?" I provided a simplistic and narrow (pun intended) description of what I was thinking, whereupon, Brooks' provided a tip and explanation which immediately improved my 1-ball.


At the end of the clinic, Brooks braved the 61 degree water and 58 degree air temp in just trunks and vest (we were in full suits, or drysuit) to run up the rope from 15 through 38 off, to show us what a talented (somewhat cold) skier could accomplish.


Anyway, many thanks to RADAR

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I skied at Radar Lake (Then Obrien Lake?). Scenic site up in the hills. That was in

1974, maybe also June, when I was working in Portland for Western Wood.


I was in Men2, a new division started in 1973. Somehow, I think I took Overall.

Maybe jumping. Nice face-slapper in SL. Same division and same age was

Brad Conger. Who is still competing, and set a Men8 jump record last year.

On the other hand, now I'm just hoping to be able to do a deepwater start on 2.


In a related topic, I'm hoping to get to watch the 35+ worlds, including the new

65+ divisions.

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