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HO A3 repair.


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Well I took my first look at the purple loop today. It didn't go well. First time I over turned 1 and skied over the rope resulting in the damage shown. Taking suggestions on how and what to repair it with. I know it isn't structural but would like the hole filled.405fd724a343fa5883f63abe590b18.jpg880d647a7ec68aa41803eae89ae5e7.jpg
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JB water weld or Loctite two part epoxy. It is an overnight repair. The key is to press whichever medium you choose into the gash and make sure it is filled. Then, in order to give the surface a smooth finish, use wax paper or the old transparency film over the top of the repair area and tape firmly. When it set up you can remove the wax paper/film and the surface should be smooth; then you just have to sand it down to the final finish/flush. I have performed repairs like this about 1/2 dozen times. It works great and they have held up for multiple years without issue.





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