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Report on Coble's Ski School. Lillington NC


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I posted a few weeks ago that we were going to the Master's and then on to Coble's Ski School for family week. At home now and it is pouring outside so I want to give you guys an update.


In short, we had a blast! Just for background my wife and I have not been to ski school since we worked at Bennett's almost 20 years ago. We had been talking about going to the Master's, and the idea of combining this with a vacation to NC and ski school was hatched. My wife and April have know each other since Jr. Girls so we set it up and off we went road tripping.


Their set up is really pretty. A bunch of lakes created from old gravel pits. Cozy small slalom lakes with trees all around. Big lakes perfect for more recreational stuff. Beamon jump if you picky about your ramp. Mini jump for teaching the kids. It's a nice change from the normal rectangle lake.


Our kids were a little leery of a week at ski "school". We are pretty hard core and they were thinking this was going to be all day sitting on the dock "just" skiing. They were pleasantly surprised! There were a number of other kids there to play with. From ice cream parties, to bowling, to Water Park Wednesday they had plenty of fun. I have to compliment the staff as well. I saw them work with a range of skiers from very young kids just learning, to seasoned 3 event skiers. They seemed truly happy when anyone was successful, whether it be their first ride or making their first reverse toe back/toe front.


Don't think it is just a water ski "camp" for rec types. My slalom driver was either April's husband Chris Eller or an Aussie named Glen. I obviously knew Chris (as in former world record holding driver), but I didn't realize until my second day that Glen was Glen Martin who will be Chief Driver for the Sr. Worlds at Travers' this fall. April coached my first couple of rides then Joel Howley rode for me after he got back from the pro am. I have had an open rating since before Joel was born, but he put something to me in a way that I had not heard before. It really cleared up something I have been struggling with and am pretty fired up to incorporate this into my skiing this summer.


The kids didn't want it to end and were asking to go back even before we left. I certainly hope to be able to. If you are looking for a place where you can get high level coaching, and where the family will have fun, I can not recommend Coble's any more highly.

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