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Nicole/Maple reach in turn

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I notice both from the Nicole Arthur video and watching Maple ski they do this realese the handle pre turn failry low then almost a cork screw motion twist and reach up as the boat takes the handle. This seems to set up a nice snap in the ski while it comes back around.

Is this unique to Andy, is there a term for it and how many of you do this as a hard wired method in your pass?

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I have played with Posting. It will give you a big turn but like @ShaneH‌ says you better have some skills first.

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@cragginshred I'm still rehabing from knee surgery so its been so long since I've skied that I don't remember what I was doing, lol. I did try that for a few weeks though and then stop focusing on it. Had bigger things to work on. I'm hoping to do some free skiing Tuesday, see how it goes.
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The virtue of posting allows the ski to continue on an outbound trajectory to the apex without a load from the boat causing the ski to arc inwards. Your really allowing the Ski to take the handle out to maintain a tight line instead of the boat..It is a very advanced maneuver and comes into play at 35 off and shorter.


If you are skilled enough you can do it on a 32 off opener, but don't need to to run the pass..I totally concur with the advice Shane gave you.


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