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Horton's lake

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I got to visit "Horton's lake" back in 2008 and came across some photos today. Not John Horton's lake but Jack Horton's lake.




The lake was beautiful. Half way between Vegas and LA. It was the first man made ski lake. It was literally desert and exists only because of a huge bore water pump. I was really impressed by Jack Horton's inventions. His boat lift used pontoons fed air by 4" diameter sewer pipe. That thing exploded the boat out of the water. Within about 2 seconds the boat went from floating to fully clear. His bindings were two roller blade boots screwed to one plate. Just a really impressive, visionary setup.



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  • Baller

@horton, are there any detailed threads about your dads lake? I saw the old footage posted about a month ago but is there anything else?


Also @horton, about 4 miles downstream from the site of the 88 Nationals. The photo is the Kentish Aquatic Club, I took it a couple of weeks ago when the lake was down 4 meters (vertical).


Were you at the 88 Aussie nationals? What did you think of the place? It would be possible to resurrect the rowing course as a nationals site one day but the local tournament scene would need more participants to do it.

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