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Mapple 6.0 settings?


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Have my settings set as stock but any other recommendations out there? along with distance to back of front of reflex ?

I think my boots are at 29 1/4 right now , seemed ok but just got on the ski 1 x so far and just did some free sking so far.



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Coming off a D3, I rode these numbers all last summer and did well with it. (Andy set it up for me)


2.489 D

6.830 L

.765 DFT

Boots at 29.5

wing 8


I recently copied the settings that Andy had on a demo ski at his lake onto my ski to see the difference.


They were:

2.485 D

6.800 L

.74 DFT

Boots at 29.5

wing 8


I only got 1 set on these numbers but I instantly noticed that the ski was lighter to ride. A buddy of mine rode that ski for a couple sets and skied really well on it with those numbers.


But as Gregy said if you ask Andy he'll give you suggestions based on how you ski and what you skied on before.


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