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Seth ski school at Oz


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I was on vacation this last week in Charleston, SC. So I had to go grab a set at Seth's Stisher's place on Johns Island. Unfortunately, Seth was out of town coaching. His boat driver Grace worked with me though. I'm a intermediate skier that has never skied the course so I was mainly working on my stacked position and off side turns... I ski on a Radar Senate but could not bring my gear with me on vacation. I decided to demo a HO A3. Wow, totally different feel than my Senate.. I found it quite unstable at first.. You really need to have proper form on this ski... My off side turns were a bit of a struggle though.. But, I got use to it fairly quick and was really carving my on side turns.. I have to say I think I liked it better than my Senate... So if any of you are ever in Charleston area make sure you go ski at Oz and buy a H2osports tshirt too! Speaking of that t shirt, I was in downtown Charleston at the amazing farmers market they have each Saturday wearing my H2Osports tee shirt and a little blonde boy, about 5 years old and his Mom walked up to me.. The boy pointed at my shirt and said hey that's my Dad's Company.. I bent down and said is Seth your Dad.. He said yes.. I told him that I skied at his Dad's lake just the other day.. His Mom told me that he is already com
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