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I need a new ski and would appreciate any help I am 48 6'3 225 I only free ski on a slightly under powered boat due to his limitations on Lake I have been thinking about the radar p 6 and theory also Ho free ride and TX I have seen some good deals on last years stuff I think the TX is out of my price range I just like to be able to carve nice low turns and put us a wall of spray

Thank you for helping and if you are a dealer or have something used inbox me

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If you want previous year Radar cheap. I bought one of these previous year P6 blems for my son last month. I have no idea why a place called Wakehouse has so many bargains on Radar blems, but they are also where I bought my Senate last year.







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I love my Freeride, too. You can't lose with a P-6 though. I have my eyes open for a super cheap P-6 or Triumph to throw in the boat for my 200+ lb friends who want to learn to ski. All three of these skis are wide. My Freeride is only a 67".


Radar Satori looks fun too, but there doesn't seem to be much buzz about it.

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