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Clint @ Swiss Ski School!!

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Just want to give a shout out to everyone at Swiss for 4 incredible days of skiing last week!! Not sure what Clints last name is but i need to say this guy is lagit when it comes to coaching you about turning bouys. Talk about passion and enthusiasm for the sport this guy has all of it! By far skied my best ever -32 and had the cleanest 1,3 ball @ -35.

Sometimes you wonder in these situations if there is some boat swerving going on to help get you through your harder passes but i never seen any of that while i was in the boat taking video of my buddies.

Needless to say if you can get with Clint or his son Vincent at Swiss for some coaching do it!!!

BTW the Radar Vapor dominates !!


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I couldn't agree more, we made our 2nd (annual i hope) trip to Swiss in March. Clint is a great coach, and Swiss is an incredible venue.

Props as well for all the work they have done rebuilding the docks, the place looks and skis GREAT.

We also had a chance to sit in the boat and watch Thibaut ? (Pro french skier) skiing 39.5 off/36 it was insane!!!

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