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Nano OneXT Mid Review report


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Every review starts with a few rides trying to get my head around the ski and making sure I have the right settings. As of today that is all done.


I have had 10 rides on the XT so I am roughly 1/3 done with the review. For the next 10 or so rides I get to just ski. This is when I try to just enjoy myself. Then the last few rides I have to focus on exactly how to describe the ski.


Tonight I was skiing PerfectPass so not exactly to tournament spec but good times and very straight boat path. I ran a bunch of 32s the first set and then a bunch of 35s the second. At the end of the second set I took a stab at 38. The only reason I missed the 38 was because I was so freaking shocked to be running it so easy. I could feel myself grinning. It was only my 3rd or 4th go at 38 this year and I was running it.


Maybe it was a fluke but I expect to see my PB more than once before this review is over. I do not think I have a tournament before the end of the review. Oooo this sucks. I really want 3 @ 39 in a scorebook.


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@Horton‌ equally excited here in central Washington. Weather has been great. Water is a brisk 44 degrees last night. Running into 38' OFF in cold water this spring has a been a treat on the XT! Looking forward to see what you settled in on for settings and see how close mine are to yours.......
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